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DataChemist makes the complicated simple. We transform messy and inconsistent data sets into clean, structured, and integrated data. We offer consultancy services across data-intensive application development, semantic CMS development, and entity resolution systems that provide our customers with improved decision-making and reduced costs. Hourly and project pricing available on request. 

"DataChemist's ability to organise huge, messy, real-world, densely interconnected datasets certainly sets them apart from the crowd."
Christian Dirschl
Chief Content Architect, Wolters Kluwer Germany

DataChemist Intro

DataChemist is a specialist data management consultancy. We span out from Trinity College Dublin and are the creators of TerminusDB.  We have worked with a wide range of organizations and enterprises to solve complex data puzzles to untangle vast quantities of data into meaningful, semantically enriched knowledge.

We specialize in data-intensive application development, dynamic semantically enriched CMS development, and entity resolution systems.

Our experience with complex data sets, knowledge graphs, and building applications extends across national economic analysis, building a comprehensive body of knowledge about human history, and humanitarian work to protect vulnerable nations from the effects of climate change.

For more information about the type of work we’ve been involved with check out the video and have a read of our use cases on the TerminusDB website.

This video gives you an overview of some of the work we undertook analyzing the Polish economy. With 2.5 million named entities and 2 billion relationships, the video shows how we gleaned meaningful information from it.

Consulting Services

data intensive application development

Data intensive

We are experienced in building applications that have complex data needs. These applications utilize unstructured data, collaborative working across global teams, and combine diverse and sometimes isolated datasets to embed data driven functionality into UIs. From untapping enterprise data locked in data warehouses, to combining global knowledge banks, we excel in developing applications that unlocks complex data.

Dynamic semantically
enriched CMS

We can help you create smart content on the fly by introducing dynamic symantics to your CMS. Content that is easily discoverable, machine readable, and structured for publishing across channels. Adding dynamic semantics to your CMS enables you to harness AI, ML, and NLP to create and deliver tailored content that generates results in a more time and cost effective way.

entity resolution systems

Entity resolution

The world is awash with data and many applications and services make use of this data to function. Data, however, often conflicts when obtained from different sources and this can cause headaches for professionals and academics alike. The wrong data can skew analytics and cause apps to malfunction. We are experienced in helping people resolve these conflicts to maintain data accuracy in a programmatic way with human intervention when required.

Take a look at some of our use cases

The team

A trusted partner

We take your data very seriously, we are SOC 2 compliant, a Google Cloud Partner, and Microsoft Partner.

SOC 2 Certified
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